Total 708 e-Services with the granularity upto district level is integrated. You may view the details in ‘e-Transaction view’ menu available in left menu panel.
etaal eTaal is a platform for dissemination of e-Transaction statistics of National and State level e-Governance Projects including Mission Mode Projects. It automatically pulls the e-Transaction data from applications integrated with it using Web Service technology and facilitates quick analysis of transaction data for the user.
National e-Transaction Count

Total Number of e-Services Integrated : 4,016

Top 10 Mission Mode Projects (MMP)

Since 1st Jan 2013 to 18 Jan 2022

Top 5 Mission Mode Projects (MMP)

Mission Mode Projects e-Trans. Count
e-Courts 3445869495
Agriculture 1413755286
Land Records 1097048783
e−District 212689150
PDS 124983671
Since Jan 2021 to Jan 2022

e-Transaction Growth

Since 1st Jan 2013

e-Transaction MoM Growth

Since Jan 2021 to Jan 2022

Services Classification (figures in Cr.)

Since 1st Jan 2013

Services Classification of last 30 days

Services name e-Trans. count
Other Services 718.13
Utility Services 142.12
Court and Judiciary 42.29
Agriculture & Allied 9.91
Land Revenue 9.03

Top 5 States

Since 1st Jan 2013

Top 10 Central Projects

Since 1st Jan 2013

Top 5 Central Projects of last 30 days

Project name e-Trans. count
Finance 4231652423
DigiLocker 1818000000
Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (PAHAL - DBTL) 1410160733
Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) Services 1055561735
Judiciary 421434718

State Wise MMP Analysis

Since 1st Jan 2013

Service Category Distribution of last 30 days

Category Name e-Trans. count
Business to Citizen (B2C) Services 4173600004
Statutory and Non Statutory Services 2286903860
Social Benefits 1419202000
Informational Services 1351916723
Mobile Governance 110289645
Utility Bill payments 18065222

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