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What is an e-Transaction?
An e-Transaction is a transaction delivering public service using ICT tools to improve access, enhance transparency and reduce response time while also satisfying all of the following four conditions:
a. Service is requested through electronic means (self-access or assisted access) including mobile devices.
b. Workflow/approval process is electronic.
c. Database is electronic/digitised.
d. Service delivery is electronic.
In order to improve access, enhance transparency and reduce response time is termed as an e-Transaction.
Category A Category B Category C Category D Category E Category F
Statutory and Non Statutory Services Utility Bill payments Business to Citizen (B2C) Services Informational Services Social Benefits Mobile Governance
1. Statutory services like
  •   Certificates
  •   Payment of taxes (Income Tax/VAT…)
  •   Payment of subsidies/ Scholarships/
    Social welfare transfers (DBT…)
2. Non Statutory services like
  •   Services delivered under Agriculture/
    PDS/Rural development schemes etc.
Water bill, telephone bill, electricity bill, e-municipality services, piped-gas bill etc. 1. Transactions like banking transactions, Mobile/ DTH recharge.

2.Transactions like banking transactions, Mobile/ DTH recharge.
1. Information access from various e-Governance Portals/Websites.

2. Downloading of forms,tenders

3. Enquiry (such as Passport Status, dial.gov.in service, Railway PNR enquiry, result of an examination etc.)
Repetitive Government disbursements to citizens like social sector pensions, MGNREGA Payment, DBT, Scholarships etc. which are periodic in nature are to be accounted in this category. End-to-end services delivered through mobile device are to be accounted in this category.
Sl.No. Service Name Description
1. Certificates All type of statutory certificates issued by Government i.e. Caste Certificate, Income Certificate, Birth Certificate etc. come under this category.
2. Licenses and Permits Services related to licenses & permits like arm licenses, inner line permits, etc. come under this category.
3. Land Revenue Services related to land holdings come under this category.
4. Integrated Finance Management Services Integrated Finance Management Services includes services related to finance management like treasuries.
5. Commercial Tax It includes services like Dealers Registration, VAT Returns, payments etc.
6. Utility Services and Bill Payment Utility services like electricity, gas, water, telephone etc. and their bill payment come under this category.
7. Social Welfare and Pension It includes services like Sr. citizen, old age/widow pension, freedom fighter pension etc.
8. Transport It includes services like Driving License Issue, Registration of Vehicle, Transfer of Ownership etc.
9. Education Services like backward class scholarship, post metric scholarship etc. are covered.
10. Public Distribution System It include services like Issue of Ration Card, Modification of details in Ration Card, etc.
11. Agriculture & Allied The services under this category are: Agriculture Market Information, Agricultural Advisory Service, Animal Disease Alert, etc.
12. Court and Judiciary It includes services like cause list, case proceedings, certified copy of judgment/daily order, etc.
13. Election This service includes Electoral Roll Creation etc.
14. Police This includes services like FIR Lodged, Missing/ Lost persons, etc.
15. Personnel and Admin This includes services like Employee Training, posting/transfer, ACR status monitoring, etc.
16. Grievance This includes services like Grievances Received & Redressed.
17. RTI This group includes any e-transaction related to RTI Act.
18. Information Service It provides data/knowledge/information on various services offered through dial.gov service, forms download, Govt. Programs and schemes etc.
19. Property Registration & House Tax Services related to registration of property acquired or transferred come under this category.
20. Health Services like Child Registration, Pregnant Women Registration, Patient Registration, etc. come under this category.
21. Rural Development Services like Job Card Issued, Job Demanded and Job Provided under MGNREGA are included here.
22. Employment This includes services related to registration of potential candidates/ unemployed youth etc
23. e-Procurement It includes services like No. of Bidders Enrolled, No. of Tenders Created, No. of Bids Received, etc.
24. Industry and Commerce It includes services like Registration of Companies, Registration of LLPs etc.
25. Urban Development including Municipality Services It includes services like Flat allotment and municipality taxes by State Development authority.
26. Passport & Visa Services It includes services related to passport and visa.
27. Financial Inclusion It includes services related to financial Inclusion.
28. Skill Development It includes services related to skill development.
29. State Specific Services There are certain services that are specific to a particular state. Those services are not found in other state. Such services come under this group.
30. Other Services Services which are not included in any of the above mentioned standard services are covered under this group.
Now eTaal offers you the convenience of getting real-time count of e-Transactions through your mobile phone wherever you are. Simply send a message with one of the following codes as per your need. Send an SMS to 9211728082 as below:
*Standard SMS charges apply.
SMS Text Description
ETAAL < DDMMYYYY > Description ETAAL < DDMMYYYY > To know the count of e-Transactions as on a particular date. E.g. ETAAL 26012013 to know the count of e-Transactions as on 26th Jan 2013.
ETAAL < Start Date in DDMMYYYY format >-< End Date in DDMMYYYY format > To know the count of e-Transactions between two particular dates. E.g. ETAAL 26012013 – 31012013 will give you the count of e-Transactions between 26th Jan 2013 and 31st Jan 2013.
In several instances, the relevant information is proactively collected, digitised, verified and stored in digital repository and when the citizen requires the service, he/she can avail it immediately across the counter. Since, such cases fulfil all the pre-requisites of an e-Transaction, these can be considered as Across the Counter services.
To register e-Service(web service)/URL follow these steps:
i) Select type of web service: Whether it is Web Reference Based or Web URL based.
ii) Select State and Project Name.
iii) Enter the complete URL of web service.
iv) Enter ‘Web Service Name’ (Name of the class used in web service) and press ‘Invoke Service’.
v) System will show all the methods available under selected web service.
vi) Select the desired method name, system will show all the input parameters available under that selected web method. At the same time, it shows Return type of the method.
vii) It provides Test Area which accepts the value of the input parameter and tests the output of the service using ‘Get Data’ button.
viii) Click on ‘Save URL’ button to save the web service in eTaal application.

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