eTaal is a platform for dissemination of e-Transaction statistics of National and State level e-Governance Projects including Mission Mode Projects. It automatically pulls the e-Transaction data from applications integrated with it using Web Service technology and facilitates quick analysis of transaction data for the user.
National e-Transaction Count



Total Number of e-Services Integrated : 3,858

Top 10 Mission Mode Projects (MMP)

Since 1st Jan 2013 to 04 Jun 2020

Top 5 Mission Mode Projects (MMP)

Mission Mode Projects e-Trans. Count
e-Courts 920961466
Agriculture 854379636
Land Records 237416559
PDS 108658947
Treasuries 46145379
Since Jun 2019 to Jun 2020

e-Transaction Growth

Since 1st Jan 2013

e-Transaction MoM Growth

Since Jun 2019 to Jun 2020

Services Classification (figures in Cr.)

Since 1st Jan 2013

Services Classification of last 30 days

Services name e-Trans. count
Other Services 261.47
Agriculture & Allied 19.70
Court and Judiciary 18.82
Utility Services 11.74
State Specific Services 6.21

Top 5 States

Since 1st Jan 2013

Top 10 Central Projects

Since 1st Jan 2013

Top 5 Central Projects of last 30 days

Project name e-Trans. count
Finance 1363479610
Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) Services 1125372014
Agriculture 193147127
Judiciary 187029604
DigiLocker 114290000

State Wise MMP Analysis

Since 1st Jan 2013

Service Category Distribution of last 30 days

Category Name e-Trans. count
Business to Citizen (B2C) Services 1340164234
Statutory and Non Statutory Services 1279200212
Informational Services 313178171
Mobile Governance 286532857
Social Benefits 85984928
Utility Bill payments 26823354

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